Specialising in English linguistic skills, we sought to nurture and develop the language skills of children up to the age of 12.

We specialise in English instruction at the Primary level through our iReadThinkWrite programme for complete English instruction as well as our flagship iWrite series of writing programmes for Primary 1 - 6. Our expertise is shared in both the private and public sectors. In the public sector, we conduct writing enrichment programmes in primary schools. Besides instructing students, we also conduct teachers' training workshops in various primary schools.

Our outreach is further expanded through our strategic partnership with EPH (Popular's publishing arm) which publishes and distributes our writing resources.

School Programmes
School Programmes
At Creativedge Learning, we possess a strong belief of the three Cs, namely

C for Concurrence
C for Collaboration
C for Continuity
PUBLIC Programmes
Holiday Programmes
Our iWrite programme focuses on the techniques of tackling the composition exams - the smart way!

Latest Updates

iReadThinkWrite Programme

Our complete English programme is now open for enrolment!
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iWrite Programme (Y2018)

Book now for a diagnostics test for your child and have a chat with our teachers.
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Dec'17 Back-to-School workshops

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We are moving!

Visit us at our new premises
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Our Testimonials

"This workshop clearly shows what is expected of students which most parents are not aware of."
- Mrs Annie Wong, participant of our Parents' Workshops

"I feel that my composition writing has benefitted greatly from the iWrite programme."
- Ezra Pang, P5 student of St Andrews Junior

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