iWritePSLE programme - Term 3 2018

Learning to write for exams - the smart way!

15-weeks programme for Primary 6 students (Commences June 2018)

Enrolment update:
Class on Wednesday , 4.30pm - 6.30 pm is FULL.
Class on Friday , 7pm - 9pm has limited vacancies.

"This is the centre which your child should come to if he/she is facing difficulties in writing compositions. During the programme, my child was taught the necessary writing techniques. She was then able to master the techniques and with practice, she was able to write her compositions with confidence, with a good flow of ideas in her writing. I am happy with the teacherís diligence in her teaching as well as her patience."
- Mrs Tay Mary, mother of Natalie Tay, P6(GEP) student of Raffles Girls Primary School

Are you looking for a centre which can ensure that your child will be well-prepared for the PSLE composition exam?

Our intensive 15-weeks programme ensures that each student :

  • writes a story which fully accounts for the title and the chosen picture
  • knows which parts of the story to elaborate in accordance with the title
  • understands which types of storylines should be avoided
  • has continual instruction of vocabulary most suited for writing through our customised word lists
  • has ample practice through consistent writing of the highest frequency exam topics
  • has a customised exam strategy suited to the individual student's writing strengths and weaknesses
  • is equipped with the writing skills and techniques suited to his strengths

  • Students are provided with all necessary notes , vocabulary lists and quizzes from Term 1 and 2 , as well as the necessary assistance to complete the quizzes so as to accelerate building of vocabulary knowledge.



      Park Mall

      Lesson duration:

      2 hours


      $332.80 per student for every 4 lessons


      Wednesday(4.30 - 6.30pm) and Friday (7pm - 9pm)


      For more details, please refer to the iWritePSLE FAQ or contact us at +65-63385657.


      The P6 programme gives priority to existing students. Should the class be filled before Term 3, the iWritePSLE programme will not be open for new enrolments in Term 3.