About Us


Founded in 2006, CreativEdge Learning started off in the government sector – conducting English language programmes for Primary 1 – 6 students in primary schools.

Currently, the Company has expanded to the private sector, with the objective of seeing students through their long-term progress in a boutique learning space located at our office. In such a setting, we hope to foster a close-knit relationship with the students and parents alike.

Our private sector interests also extend to the area of publishing with our strategic partner, EPH (Popular’s publishing arm). With our published resources, we hope to reach out and educate the wider public on progressive and scalable learning methods which will be beneficial to the long-term progress of children’s language development.

We firmly believe that educators should be passionate about education with a strong commitment towards the nurturing of our young. Our belief is reflected in our team of dedicated trainers who infuse their delivery of each lesson with a great dose of enthusiasm.

Another of our firm beliefs is that trainers should possess a strong command of the language hence all our trainers possess extensive teaching experience with the relevant academic qualifications to ensure a most beneficial learning experience for all students in our programmes.

Our trainers, with their extensive experience in the coaching of students using our specialised curriculum, possess excellent content expertise.