"The REAL secret to writing good compositions" –

A Talk for Parents


We are delighted to be cordially invited to give a talk on writing at *Bookfest@Singapore 2011, the annual bookfair organised by Popular holdings. Expecting more than half a million local and foreign visitors, *Bookfest@Singapore 2011 is Singapore’s largest and most successful book festival.

Besides being able to have a first peek at our series of handbooks, our trainer, Ms Joyce Neo Hwee Ling , will be bringing parents through the common problems faced by students when writing compositions as well as highlighting the root cause of the problems. With audience participation, Ms Neo will then conduct a demonstration of the thinking-writing process using writing techniques developed by Creativedge Learning, an educational company which specializes in the conducting of primary-level writing programmes. Finally a staff of Creativedge Learning will be highlighting the key strengths that a writing programme should have, to ensure that it is indeed beneficial for the child.

So do come along then to have a first peek at our books as well as to find out more about our public programmes.


*Bookfest@Singapore 2011 will be held from 18th – 27th November 2011, at Suntec Singapore International Convention & Exhibition Centre Hall 601-603. The event is open to public from 10am – 10pm so do come along