1. What is meant by "conducting programmes in schools"?
    This means that we are a registered government vendor which is engaged by schools to teach students specific areas of the English language like writing or reading. We provide all required trainers and resource materials for every programme. All school programmes are conducted in the schools, either during or after curriculum time.

  2. What is the difference between the writing programmes which CreativEdge conducts in schools and at the centre?
    The programmes which we conduct in schools are short-term programmes ranging from 6 � 10 lessons for every programme with a class size of 25 � 40.

    Although we are able to provide instruction on the basic set of narrative writing components in schools, the creation of a boutique learning space at the centre allows us to customize our teaching strategies and resources to suit our ideal class size of maximum 10 students thus ensuring close monitoring of the individual student�s long-term progress.

    With the in-house programmes, we seek to channel our specialised knowledge gleaned from schools to ensure the academic excellence of each and every enrolled student.

  3. How do I know which class to enrol my child in ?
    Every child is required to take a diagnostic writing test. After the test, our consultant will bring you through your child's writing as well as the class suitable for your child. The entire process is estimated to take 90 minutes.

  4. Is my child required to achieve a certain score before he/she can enrol for the programme?
    No, our chief requirement is that of a positive learning attitude which we have found to be the key to improvement.

  5. When can I bring my child for the diagnostic writing test?
    Our diagnostic writing tests are strictly by-appointment only. Please contact us at 65-63385657 to schedule an appointment.

    Please note that our diagnostics fees are as follow:

    1) Mondays - Fridays 11am - 5pm : $60
    2) Mondays - Fridays 6pm onwards : *$60
    2) Saturdays : **$80
    3) Sundays : **$100

    The diagnostics fees will be used to offset the programme fees upon enrolment. Surcharges incurred, if any, cannot be used to offset the programme fees.

    *weeknight surcharge of $30 applies
    **weekend surcharge of $60 applies

  6. What does the programme cost cover?
    The programme cost covers all materials required during the course of the programme.

  7. Are there additional costs?
    Yes. The additional costs are the stationery package fee of $40 for each term, a registration fee of $25 and a refundable-deposit of $100.

  8. Are the programme fees payable monthly?
    For the iWrite programme, upfront payment for a term of 10 lessons will have to be made.
    For the iReadThinkWrite programme, the total number of lessons for each term varies between 11 - 13 lessons. Upfront payment for the first term will have to be made.

  9. Can I visit the centre to peruse the materials?
    We do not cater to pre-enrolment perusal of materials and suggest that like many of our parents, you can enrol your child in our holiday workshops which take place during the June and December holidays and evaluate our programme resources from there.

  10. Can I drop by the centre when I am free?
    We operate strictly by-appointment only for enrolment enquiries so as not to disappoint parents who make the trip , only to realise that the relevant staff is not available.

    Kindly note that our reception is equipped to attend to general enquiries for walk-ins without prior appointment.

    For appointments, please do call our Administrative Office at 63385657, Mondays - Fridays between 10am - 5pm.

  11. Can my child attend a trial class before enrolment?
    We do not offer trial classes hence will suggest that you enrol your child in a shorter-term programme, like our holiday workshops, evaluate the resources from there and then decide if you would like to enrol your child.

  12. What is the programme schedule?
    Please do contact us at 65-63385657 or email for the programme schedule.