iWriteMORE - Exam Booster Workshop for March'2017

Learning to write for exams - the smart way!

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P5/6 holiday workshop - WHAT-to-Write

Do you find that your child's storyline is rather dull at times or that he often complains that "there is nothing to write"?

Are you hoping that your child gathers more story ideas to aid him for the upcoming SA1 composition exam?

If so, this is the workshop for your child. Wholly focusing on content , this is an intensive workshop which emphasizes on the brainstorming and organisation of storylines.

During the workshop, students evaluate 5 composition topics ,which are closely related to the latest Y2016 exam topics , so as to: .

  • Decide on the mark-scoring content storylines
  • Know which common storylines to avoid
  • Plan the sequential flow of each mark-scoring storyline.
  • Learn exam-smart strategies when evaluating storylines for use in exams.



    5 Tank Road, River Valley (Opposite UE Square)

    Workshop fees

    **$250 per student


    15th March to 16th March, 1pm to 3.30pm

    P3/4 holiday workshop - WORDS-for-Writing

    Do you think that your child's writing is too simple and lacking the vocabulary words required?

    Have you noticed that your child does not make good use of the many lists of vocabulary words provided to him?

    More often than not, students do not make use of vocabulary words that they are not familiar with. Most students will need guidance on how to apply the new words to their writing before they are confident of including the vocabulary words in their writing.

    During the workshop, students will be :

  • Introduced to new vocabulary words and phrases
  • Clearly taught the meanings of all the vocabulary words and phrases
  • Learn to apply the new words and phrases to stories based on common exam topics



    5 Tank Road, River Valley(Opposite UE Square)

    Workshop fees

    **$200 per student


    13th March to 14th March, 1pm to 3pm


    For more details, please refer to the FAQ or contact us at +65-63385657.


    To register, contact us at +65-63385657 or email at enquiry@creative-ed.net
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