bridging programme

The complete solution for bridging the gap between lower and mid-primary level writing
Primary 2 as of Y2016

"Prior to attending the programme, the writing resources that Jochebed was provided with were rather general. After attending iWriteYOUNG (B), Jochebed has developed a keen interest in writing and she looks forward to coming to class. The programme cultivated her interest in writing and she has started to create booklets of short stories or flyers. Personally, I noted that the structure of the programme is very systematic. As it helps to fill in the gaps, her flow of thought is now more coherent. "
- Mrs Sharon Chong, mother of Jochebed Chong, P2 student of Paya Lebar Methodist Girls school (Primary)

Very often, during our diagnostics sessions, parents of Primary 3 students share the following scenario:

“My child was scoring relatively well at the lower primary level. Upon reaching Primary 3, I was quite shocked when his composition grades plummet. He is quite upset and doesn’t understand why he no longer scores well for his composition.”

Suddenly, writing grammatically-correct sentences is no longer good enough. Students have to quickly grasp the content and language requirements, necessary for the mid-primary levels and beyond.

Why wait till then to address the typical problems?

Our iWriteYoung bridging programme provides the solution for a smooth transition from lower to mid-primary level writing.

Focusing on the requirements of writing at the Primary 3 level, the programme focuses on both the content and language requirements necessary to excel at the mid-primary level.

In line with the plot emphasis for Primary 3 onwards, the programme focuses on the creation of non-conventional storylines . Using their critical thinking skills, students are guided through the evaluation of the content to create vividly-written stories with logically-sequential details.

All language components necessary for the writing of stories are covered as students are introduced to the necessary vocabulary which is then reinforced to ensure confidence in application. Grammatical components such as sentence structures are also similarly introduced and reinforced to ensure sentence fluency.

Please contact our Administration Office at +65-63385657 or email us at enquiry@creative-ed.net for schedule details.


Venue :Park Mall
Term Duration : 10 weeks of 10 lessons
Lesson duration :1.5 hours per lesson

Programme Cost : *$260 per student for every month of 4 lessons
*Fees are exclusive of miscellaneous charges