foundation programme

Building the foundation for mid-primary writing

(Primary 1 and Primary 2 as of Y2016)

The focal point of our iWriteYoung foundation programme is the developing of story content through the introduction and reinforcement of the necessary writing skills.

With the objective of training young writers with an eye for detail, the programme emphasizes story logic through planning and training of thinking skills to craft stories with logically sequential details.

Beyond the planning of stories, proper execution of the individual writing components necessary for the writing of each story is also consistently reinforced as students are guided through the guidelines and self-questions in order to internalise the writing strategies taught.

With each lesson taking place on a fortnightly basis, our iWriteYOUNG foundation programme is ideal for parents who would like to prepare their Primary 1 and early-Primary 2 children through regular practice and reinforcement of the necessary writing skills as well as the sharpening of thinking skills , albeit at a more leisurely pace

Please contact our Administration Office at +65-63385657 or email us at enquiry@creative-ed.net for schedule details.


Venue :Park Mall
Term Duration : 14 weeks of 7 lessons
Lesson duration :2 hours per lesson

Programme Cost : *$185.70 per student for every month of 2 lessons
*Fees are exclusive of miscellaneous charges