iReadThinkWrite Programme

The Complete English Programme

"Previously, my daughter was struggling to understand grammar fundamentals and it was difficult to get her to understand the various concepts. I was worried that she will not be able to handle the primary school syllabus. However, ever since enroling her in the iReadThinkWrite programme, I have noticed that her grammar foundation has strengthened tremendously.

The programme has a systematic approach in teaching the introduction and application of the grammatical rules and functions. It provides a good progression and the work is easy to follow. She enjoys attending the class since preschool and the progression towards the primary level has been very smooth. "
- Mrs Leung, mother of P1 student at CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls' School

Enrolment update: Last seat for Primary 1 class

Besides incorporating our flagship iWrite Programme for the writing segment, our iReadThinkWrite programme retains our signature strategies-based approach which we now extend to all other sections of the English examination.

With the firm objective of excelling in the English exam , iReadThinkWrite provides detailed and rigorous English instruction tailored to cover the English syllabus most relevant to the English exam.

iReadThinkWrite programme

With the objective of setting a strong foundation, The Primary 1 programme encompasses all the grammar and vocabulary syllabus as required as well as the following segments and strategies:

  • Critical thinking skills - Strong emphasis is given to heighten students decision-making skills when evaluating questions.
  • Read aloud segments - Students will be taught expressive reading techniques and to build their confidence when reading to an audience.
  • Comprehension and cloze strategies - Students will be taught to apply contextual answering strategies to aid their understanding of comprehension and cloze passages
  • Composition-writing strategies - incorporating our flagship iWrite Programme for the writing segment, students learn to plan, write and organise logically-sequential stories in the 4-picture format.
  • After-lesson practice - Consistent reinforcement in the form of practice worksheets are provided after each lesson to ensure that students are able to continue learning process.

  • Venue: 5 Tank Road (Opposite UE Square, River Valley)

    Cost: *$312 for 4 lessons

    Lesson duration: Primary 1: Every Saturday, 10.30am to 12pm

    Lesson duration: Primary 2: Every Thursday, 4.30 pm to 6pm

    Cost: *$336 for 4 lessons

    Lesson duration: Primary 3: Every Saturday, 2.30pm to 4.30pm

    Lesson duration: Primary 4: Every Tuesday, 4pm to 6pm

    For more details, please refer to the FAQ or contact us at +65-63385657.