School Programmes


At Creativedge Learning, we possess a strong belief of the three Cs, namely


School Programmes

C for Concurrence
C for Collaboration
C for Continuity


Our belief is that we act as a starting platform for alternative teaching strategies which will require continuation by the schools to have a marked impact on students hence we adopt a proactive role when conducting our enrichment programmes in every school as we believe that collaboration is the key to maximizing the educational benefits every child can receive.


School ProgrammesThe range of linguistics programmmes we offer is progressive as we strive to make continuous improvements to our programmes not only through research but also through the unique experience we have in every school when conducting our programmes.


Having conducted our linguistics programmes in schools such as Ai Tong school, St Joseph Institution Junior, Red Swastika School, St Andrews Junior School and Marymount Convent, we have garnered favourable reviews from teachers and students alike with our programmes which are an eclectic blend of creativity and practicality.


School ProgrammesBesides our range of programmes, we also provide programme-planning services for schools which have ideas for unique-concept programmes. To arrange for a complimentary consultation session, please contact us at