iWrite Programme

Learn to write, step-by-step!

Weekly classes for Primary 3 – 6 students

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"My daughter, Katelyn Goh, attends the P4 iWrite Weekly class. She is an avid reader, with a good spoken command of the language. She also loves writing short stories in her free time, and is often very creative and imaginative in her story-telling. However, this somehow did not translate into good results for her composition-writing in school. She had trouble with logical sequencing, proper pacing and structuring of the narrative, amongst other issues.

Since attending the P4 iWrite Weekly classes, the improvement in her compositions has been tremendous. I can see that she now has a better grasp of what is required of a strong composition, and I can see how she is incorporating what she is learning in class in her written work. In half a year, she has successfully moved from a Band 2 grade to a high Band 1 grade for English composition. I am convinced that this is due to the valuable input she has received through the iWrite Weekly classes. Katelyn also enjoys the classes as they are highly interactive and engaging. This is thanks to the dedication and hard work by the teachers to make composition writing come alive for the kids. Thanks!!."
- Mrs Goh, mother of Katelyn Goh, P4 student of Paya Lebar Methodist Girls School (Primary)

We firmly believe in going beyond the conventional memorisation of "creative phrases" , to emphasize on the teaching of skills necessary for writing while in the process, challenge students to be critical thinkers who are able to soundly evaluate their ideas and write with flair. With this progressive approach, students are nurtured to be thinking-writers who will be equipped with thinking and writing skills, beneficial even beyond the primary-school years.

Our programme is designed to prepare students for the composition exam by adopting a strategies-based, non rote-learning approach. Students are equipped with the knowledge of the necessary writing techniques which can be applied to every writing topic. In a structured manner, students receive rigorous instruction and practice on the application of the taught writing techniques. This is to ensure that when writing independently, students can execute the writing techniques with precision and confidence.

In an all-encompassing approach which is required for the instruction of writing, content, grammar and vocabulary components are incorporated in our programme which include the following:

  1. How to write?
    Students are taught to evaluate their content thoroughly to identify story gaps so as to produce a logically-sequential, vividly-written story which goes beyond the ordinary. At every step of the way, students are required to use their critical thinking skills. The regular practice of sequential thinking will be able to produce "thinking" students who can independently evaluate the gaps in a story and fill in the story gaps with their own content.

  2. What to write?
    The programme further enhances students' writing using our customised lists of vocabulary and grammatical structures tailored for the composition exam as we strongly believe that the grammatical and vocabulary knowledge are an integral part of the writing process. Application is our focus as we seek to ensure the sophisticated use of the language through higher-order vocabulary and complex sentence structures. This will ultimately improve the flow and expression of the written story.

  3. What NOT to write?
    The programme incorporates our understanding of common students' flaws in writing and teachers' feedback to educate and remind students of the common pitfalls, in terms of content and language, when writing for the exams. Bearing in mind that exam-oriented writing differs from creative writing, we provide the content boundaries for students to stay within so as to fulfill the expectations of schools.

Focusing on highest-frequency themes and topics for each level, students are taught not only to apply the necessary writing strategies but also the commonly-written storylines for each topic so as to steer the students towards more unique storylines to aid in the content section of the marking scheme.

The programme is designed in a structured and progressive manner and then further customised for each class to suit the ability level of the particular class. As such, different classes of each level have their own unique pacing.



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Lesson duration:

2 hours


$264 per student for every 4 lessons


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